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Shanghai Yu?Jin?Industrial Development Co.,?Ltd.

Shanghai Yu Jin Industrial Development Co., Ltd., founded in July, 2006, is a limited liability company of domestic joined venture. It is authorized and registered by Shanghai Jinshan Administration of Industry and Commerce. Registered capital of the company is RMB 10 million. The operating items of the company are construction services, architectural engineering, interior decoration, property management, and construction materials. The main business of the company is service subcontract of architectural engineering.
Shanghai Yu Jin Industrial Development Co., LTD has a staff of 425 persons, including 25 managers, 12 technicians (engineers) and a team of qualified construction workers with license, of whom are 116 primary workers and 234 intermediate workers. The total number of machinery and equipment is 336, and the total power is 591 kilowatts. The company has developed a complete system of organization and management, as well as an internal management department, leaner and efficient. The company has the office (including contract management), finance department, business department, engineering department and quality management department (including safety management). Key managers are professional with experience of more than 10 years of experience in construction industry. The company implements the philosophy of "scientific management, standardized operation, quality first, credit first", and will sincerely corporate with general contracting enterprises and professional services sub-contracted enterprises throughout the country.
It is our unchanged goal that we will provide high-quality service for the society, make social public and customer’s satisfied, and satisfy the general contractors.

Shanghai Sheng Ping Real Estate Development Co. Ltd.

Shanghai Sheng Ping Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., founded in 2003, is a professional company engaged in real estate development, construction, decoration engineering, equipment engineering. The registered capital of the company is RMB 5 million.
The company implements general manager responsibility system under the leadership of board of directors, and has a group of talents with rich experience in real estate development and construction. The company has been working a number of projects successfully, and the total construction area is 130,000 square meters. Sheng Ping real estate implements the philosophy of  "development and innovation, steady appreciation; abide by the credibility, high-quality and high-efficient". The company undergoes steady and vigorous development and has become the new blood of the Shanghai real estate industry in a few years. Shanghai Sheng Ping Real Estate Development Co. Ltd. is the member unit of Putuo District Real Estate Association, and the branch of Shanghai City real estate supervisory director.

Shanghai Longyu Pressure Vessel Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Longyu Pressure Vessel Manufacturing Co., Ltd, registered capital of which is RMB 8 million, is specialized in the production of industrial compressor auxiliaries and facility accessories (including buffer container, separation vessel, heat exchanger, storage container, vacuum chamber, silencer etc.). The company is qualified with licenses on designing (A1, A2) and building (A1, A2) pressure vessel granted by General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China (Certificate No.: TS2210019-2016 and TS1210260-2014).  The company provides perennial supporting to Shanghai Dalong Machinery Co., Ltd, by producing auxiliaries for large industrial compressors, including JL63I (40F) screw compressor auxiliaries, and J4M63E piston compressor auxiliaries exported to Vietnam. In 2001, The company designed and manufactured liquefied petroleum gas tank of 150 cubic meters for Hebei Tianshi Chemical Machinery Co. Ltd, and participated in supporting manufacturing of the shell of elevated heat exchanger of 300,000 kw for Shanghai Power Equipment Co., and also manufactured pressure vessels of pneumatic delivery tanks and bag filters for Shanghai Bloom Powder Engineering Inc. The company also involved in supporting manufacturing of domestic nuclear power products, including: 
1) Frame bent of stainless steel in purification plant for the Chashma nuclear power plant {nuclear grade three, non-nuclear grade two);
2) The overpressure explosion-proof device supporting Huali safety equipment factory of Shanghai East China University of Science and Technology in Qinshan Phase II (nuclear grade three); 
3) Sealed door in purification chamber of high-temperature gas-cool experimental reactor of 10 MW for Institute of Nuclear Energy Technology of Tsinghua University (non-nuclear);
4) Nuclear power equipment for hydrogen recombiner for Qinshan Phase II (nuclear grade two).

Shanghai Songhao Steel Construction Co.,Ltd

Shanghai Songhao Steel Construction Co.,Ltd(Songhao Steel) is specialized in steel structure design, fabrication, and installation, established in 2002, located in Xidu Industrial zone of Shanghai. Songhao Steel has been qualified for both quality management system ISO9001:2008 and environment management system ISO14001:2000. The company is the syndic unit of Shanghai Metal Construction Association.
Songhao Steel, registered capital of which is RMB 24 million, has a staff of 1050 persons, including 10 senior managers, 9 high-title technicians, 20 senior steel detailers and 68 technicians. The company covers an area of 54,000 square meters, of which the workshop covers 36,000 square meters. Annual capacity of fabrication and installation is over 60,000 ton.
With ten-year development, Songhao Steel has 1050 employees now, which includes 550 employees is fabrication factory and over 500 installers on site. Songhao Steel factory has an fabrication area 36,000m2 and painting area 16,000m2.The annual fabrication capacity is over 60 thousand tons.
Songhao Steel’s mainly engages in steel structure construction of high-rise buildings, stadiums, exhibition centers, industrial plants, and industrial equipments, and specializes in middle and heavy steel structures. The company has undertaken more than 100 projects, and has clients all over China and over the world. Many of projects have won the golden medal of construction steel structure of China, “the Luban Prize” and “Shanghai Diamond Prize”

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