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Housing construction

Housing construction: independent investment, development and construction of  60k m²high-rise commercial apartment in Ren He Tian Yuan and 100k m2 residence community of Long Quan Villa in Liyang, Jiangsu. Contract to build 16k m2 of 18-storey apartment of Xinchang Plaza in Hongkou, 21k m2 of middle-height building in Longzhuang Garden, 65k m2 of 19 multi-storey residential buildings of Hongguang Village in Jiading, 17k m2 of new plant and business buildings for Shanghai Xianda Pressure Vessel Co., 110k m2 of residential middle-height building in Olympic Garden, 52k m2 for Oriental seafood market in Jungong Road, 100k ton per year of Polyoxymethylene new-built construction for Shanghai Lanxing New Material Factory, 90k m2 of 30-storey high-rise apartment of Olympic Garden in Huizhou, the first period of campus relocation for Shanghai Administrative Management School, main structure of Zoo Station in Lot 12 of railway line 10, steel structure workshop for Jida Heavy Industry Manufacture Co., Ltd, 105k m2 of the second-period residential apartment of Yilin Garden, 102k m2 of the first and second period of Jinshanwei apartment and construction of Lot 2 of Wanghu Garden in Liyang. 

Public Utilities

Public Utilities: Φ2700 pine project for Yangtze River diversion work, auxiliary project for whole line of viaducts in Pudong International Airport, Yanan Road and Yixian Road, auxiliary project in Shanghai section of Tongsan national road, civil works and installation in Caoxi Road Station of Line 3, extension and 1.8km of Utility tunnel (partly by pine jacking) of Xinzhen Road in Jiading Moter Market, construction of Xinzhenjinger Road in Anting and its sewer, principal sewer and sinking well of F1 International Circuit, net B in the first period of central heating in Wusong Industrial Zone, DN1200 water supply and sewer system engineering in Lingang Xincheng, Lot 1 of Zhoudong Road extension in Nanhui District, new construction of Jinger Road and Weier Road in Kangqiao Town, auxiliary project for base utilities in Pujiang Town, water supply and sewer system engineering for Lingang Xincheng, heat supply pipework for Caojing Power Plant, reconstruction of Keyuan Road in Zhangjiang, construction of working well and pumping station in Lot 1 of sewer main on Airport expressway, the third period of road construction in east area of Waigaoqiao Microelectronic Industrial Zone, auxiliary project of public utilities in Tiantong Road Station of Line 10, pumping stations of sewer system on Beizhai Road, urban secondary main roads in Hangtou base and so on. 

Ground and foundation engineeri

Ground and foundation engineering: bored piles of foundation in Shanghai Bus Building; pile foundation of a four-storey garage in Siping Rd of First Automotive Works; pile foundation and mixing pile in Ted Garden; bored pile in teaching building of East China Normal University; ground and foundation piles in No.688 land parcel in Xizang South Rd.; pile foundation of overhead stretch in Gonghe New Rd.; fender piles of high rise building in 330 St. Tangnan Village; bored piles and deep mixing piles in No.108 land parcel in Xizang Middle Rd; pile foundation and underground garage in No.200, People’s avenue; pile foundation of comprehensive building in Lingang New City and construction method of three-axis SMW; bored pile in X-2 land parcel and construction method of three-axis SMW in Lujiazui; eleveated structure construction in Rail Transit line 11; dock of Longxue shipbuilding base; pile foundation of Fengcheng Hospital; strengthening the foundation of entrance and exit in Hangzhou Subway line 1; pile foundation of Hongqiao Integrated Transport Hub; bored pile and column pile of underground garage in Suzhou Industrial Park; foundation pile of 9-3 land parcel in Gubei International Fortune Centre; foundation pile of Shanghai Film Museum; underground continuous wall in Nanjing Golden Eagle International, phase 3; underground continuous wall of Hongmei Rd stop of Rail Transit line 12; regional modification project of Jinshan railway.

Manufacture and installation of

Manufacture and installation of steel structure: manufacture and installation of steel structure in Xianxia tennis court; manufacture and installation of steel structure in stainless steel plant of Shanghai Iron and Steel Plant; manufacture and installation of steel structure of 18,000-square-meter workshop in Shanghai Hanhong Company; manufacture and installation of 300,000-cubic-meter gas tank in relocation of Baosteel and Pu steel; manufacture and installation of steel structure in Beijing Guanghua World Trade Center; manufacture and installation of steel structure in Beijing Juran Building; manufacture and installation of steel structure in Shanghai Wheelock square; manufacture and installation of 36,000-square-metre steel-structured workshop of Nanjing Qijiaoyang Wall Material Co., Ltd; steel-structured engineering of overhaul of Longmen Hotel; manufacture and installation of the main steel structure in Shanghai Poly Plaza; manufacture and installation of steel structure in No. 425 land parcel in Yishan Rd; manufacture and installation of steel structure in Oriental Fisherman’s Wharf; manufacture and installation of steel structure in workshop of Shanghai Jida Heavy Machine Company; manufacture and installation of Singaporean Pavilion at world expo; manufacture and installation of steel structure workshop of Waigaoqiao Zuellig, Lingang ABB, Shanghai Shenhe Thermal Magnetic Electronic Factory, Wujin Hanergy Solar Cell Company, and etc.

Installation of electrical and

Installation of electrical and mechanical equipment: installation of bridge crane of 600 tons in Shanghai Electric; installation of cabinet of 200,000 cubic meters in Pudong Gas Company; installation of cabinet of 100,000 cubic meters in Baosteel; installation of cabinet in Shanghai Volkswagen Co. Ltd; installation of system equipment in coking, phase 2 of Hangzhou Iron and Steel Group Company; installation of coking equipment of 2,200,000 tons in Zhangjiagang Hongfa Steel Company; installation of steel chimney in Zhabei power planet; civil installation and installation of 65,000-ton oil depot in Jingjiang; equipment installation of No.5 furnace in Waigaoqiao 2nd Power Plant; equipment installation of No.1 furnace in 2nd Thermal Power Station in Shanghai Petroleum; installation of ventilation, water and electricity in Shanghai University and Shanghai Institute of Engineering and Technology; manufacture and installation of 18 tar tanks of 150,000-ton in Henan Bohai Chemical Co., Ltd; equipment installation of Fuzhou Kemen Power Plant; manufacture and installation of ventilation, circulating water and electricity in Cao’an International Mall; device installation of MDI and TDI in Bayer Shanghai, and etc.

Decoration engineering

Decoration engineering: decoration of 20 villas of type A in International Celebrity Garden; decoration of Ocean Hotel; decoration of Fenglin Hospital in Xuhui District, environmental renovation and decoration of Wusong Terminal, decoration of rail transit line 2 and line 3. 

Installation of the GB level pr

Installation of the GB level pressure pipe: 6-kilometer pipe in mark 5, Shanghai city gas pipeline network, phase 1, West East Gas Pipeline project; 10-kilometer high pressure natural gas pipeline in Jiangsu Sukun section; 10-kilometer natural gas pipeline in Anting New Town; 12-kilometer exhaust pipeline of Baosteel Gas Co.; gas pipe in Pudong Gaoke Rd., Lingqiao Village, Zhangjiang Yifeng Village; laying of natural gas pipe in central link, Nanhui Pujiang Town, Liuxiang Rd., Puxing Rd.; nature gas pipe and pressure reducing station in Pujin Rd., and Puxiu Rd.; high pressure natural gas pipe in Jurong, the city of Zhenjiang; reconstruction of bridge pipe in Dianpu River; LNG pipeline in Lingang natural gas trunk pipeline network, phase 2; A class in Shanghai liquefied natural gas project, phase 1; heat pipe network project for Shenyang Jingwei Thermal Power Co., Ltd; Shenzhen high pressure natural gas transmission and distribution system, and etc.

Anti-corrosion and thermal insu

Anti-corrosion and thermal insulation engineering: annual anti-corrosion and thermal insulation of Shanghai Pudong Gas Company; external wall insulation of Chuanyang River parking lot in north section of Line 11, phase 2; external wall insulation of large residential community in Sijing River south expansion, and etc.